Glass Lace Project Today

After making a long list of all the projects I want to do :), I decided to make some white opal glass lace today.  I really liked the black and yellow vase that I have talked about previously.  The yellow glass lace turned out great on the black vase.  I plan on doing more of these vases in various colors.

I am planning on fusing the white opal glass lace to a piece of translucent purple glass and then slump it into a round bowl.   During the firing of the glass lace, I had a peek of it at the end and it turned out very nice.  Some parts of the glass frit are like small islands and not attached to the entire piece of glass.  I think this is a unique touch.

A couple of other times when I was making some glass lace, I added way too much frit and ended up with a whole new sheet of glass, no holes.  I am definitely on a learning curve with this project, but I am enjoying all the different results.


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